Growing up in Saint Petersburg during the Soviet era was interesting and often difficult.  Though my memories as a child are of my family spending wonderful times in the northern wilderness regions beyond the city picking wild-berries, hunting for mushrooms, camping, enjoying the many lakes and shore’s on the Gulf of Finland; it is interesting for me that this part of Russia is for the most part unknown to foreigners.

Educated as a patent attorney, I was fortunate enough to finish my education  and enter my profession as an attorney, which of course at the time was part of the state establishment. My career lasted almost ten years, at which time, the political structure of my country changed forever; and if you have ever traveled to, or have an interest in traveling to Russia, I would imagine that you are familiar with these changes.

When the Soviet Union dissolved in December of 1990, my future as an a lawyer was uncertain; though I was fortunate enough to posses a beautiful apartment in the City-Centre of Saint Petersburg.  As the professional landscape became increasing difficult for all professions, tourists began to travel to Russia in numbers that had never been seen, or allowed, previously. It was at this time that I decided to leave my career to start my own business working with tourists.

Having been born and raised here, and also having dedicated parents who were intent on my having an excellent education, I not only studied at various institutions here Peter, I also spent countless hours visiting such amazing places as the Hermitage, Peter and Paul Fortress, Peterhof and the Russian Museum; to name only a few.